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Is There A Master Plan, Bob?

On a whim, I checked his website again today. It’s back, but the text that was originally causing me to worry is now part of a post amoungst the rest of the posts. Someone at gp32x.com suggested this all might be part of the release of the game, and it’s in fact planned. I thought he was completely wrong, because he appeared to be destroying his room, his reputation, and his communications with Nintendo.

Now I’m not so sure. Continue reading


Bob’s Game

What was supposed to be an epic story of a single developer creating a full-scale Nintendo DS game all on his own has turned into a mess.

First, it was a protest because apparently no one was communicating with him to continue the publishing process.

Then, it was a crazy letter to his fans, full of frustration, and a rather scary self-examination (read paragraphs 4 and 7).

Now? Just look at his website.

I fear we may never see Bob’s Game ever released in the public.

(P.S. I don’t really read kotaku.com, it just happened to be on the top of my Google search.)