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OpenPandora Pre-orders!

If you haven’t been keeping up on the Pandora handheld I talked about a while back, you probably don’t know pre-orders begin on September 30th. Well, they do. If you want to stay up-to-date with the Pandora, sign up to the low traffic newsletter on their website (look in the upper-right corner).

The latest e-mail really sums up all that has happened within the last three or four months: Continue reading


The “Craiginator” (Previously “GP2X: Take Two”) Just Got Sweeter

Someone posted some examples of what this device will be capable of. Because screenshots don’t do justice to the amazing quality and detail of the videos, I’ve provided direct download links to the movie files. For you Linux-friendly folk, these are not in EXEs, despite the URLs.

If you’re looking around for a mobile gaming/entertainment device, this is worth your time!


If you’ve never heard of this device, I recommend you keep reading.

GP2X: Take Two

Picture the GP2X. It’s got a nice touch screen, a good set of buttons, and SD card slot for memory. It can play “hi-res” videos and music of many types, and read eBooks. If that wasn’t enough, there’s a library of home-brew games to run on it, including emulators.

Now picture GP2X “Take Two”: priced at around $400, it’ll have 128 MB of RAM, 3D graphics chip, enough power for high-definition videos, and maybe an actual Linux distribution*, probably Debian. Continue reading