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x11-libs/libxklavier and GNOME 2.24

I know I’m a bit late in posting this, but better late than never. If anyone has had issues upgrading to GNOME v2.24, and their session manager is acting weird or not acting at all (because it doesn’t work), it’s a good idea to add this mask to your /etc/portage/package.mask file or folder and then re-update your system:


The relevant bug report is here.


OSS VoIP software (Skype, TeamSpeak) via PulseAudio

ESD/GNOME via PulseAudio was easy to figure out: just make sure your login/logout/etc. sounds are no bigger than 1 MiB, not 1MB as some claim. You could use “pactl upload-sample ” to test and make sure PulseAudio’d like the sound.

That was easy enough to figure out. Then Skype came along and showed me the weaknesses of PulseAudio and its padsp script.

The issue was that Skype’s sounds would be very choppy, and my voice would be difficult to understand. I knew that PulseAudio had a way of building up a cache of audio before playing it, and that it would auto-adjust, but I figured that that was messing it up somehow. How I would fix an automatically-adjusted system I knew not. Continue reading