Monthly Archives: April 2008

PulseAudio Pwns

(Aren’t acronyms alliterations cool!?)

I just installed PulseAudio using a few well-written pages (as is usual in the Gentoo world). Within minutes I was able to set up a stable system with very little tweaking. My favorite features are:

  • Individual application volume control
  • Everything works together. Now I can use TeamSpeak, listen to music, and play a game all at the same time.
  • Easier configuration: pretty much everything is GUI-based (except for the configuration files which you really only need to touch once), so you don’t have to dig into alsamixer or other applications to tweak audio.

Ubuntu 8.04 includes it by default, so just install it and you have the basics. Some GUI tools are not pre-installed, but are available by request.


I’ve Been Released!

Wow, I can breathe again. I used to be loaded down with so many projects, but they all just vaporized in various ways:

  • Freeniverse: I may start this up again, but I said enough is enough about three months ago and canceled this project.
  • Class-management software (written in PHP): just finished.
  • MMORPGM: Redundant, it’s already been done by Novashell.
  • MediaMaster Downloader: well, alright, not quite done, but just about there. A few more tweaks/features and it’ll be usable

All of these were haunting me at once, crying out for my attention. Now that these are all pretty much done, I can relax. In fact, I haven’t relaxed this much in a few years!

Coincidentally, just as my time is freeing up, a new PHP project for webmail software that actually works like you want it to appeared, and I accepted. It’s a brilliant idea, and I need at least one project to keep me happy.

If that coincidence wasn’t enough, another friend contacted me and asked me if I’d like to help on their project titled Socrates. Can you see the black time-killing whirlpool forming already? I said no, but I might submit a patch or two for the bugs that appeared in their bug tracking system. I’ve got to be careful, or else I’ll be back into the project-juggling thing again.