Monthly Archives: April 2009 The Ultimate Hub of Music Activity

I used to use I loved it. It showed me all kinds of tracks I didn’t know about. But, then it got steadily repetitive. It couldn’t think outside the specific box I’d given it. is different, and it because it does things differently, most people instantly get aggravated and move back to Pandora. Hey, I did that a few years ago myself, but now I was back to try it again.

And now I get what is doing. Continue reading


FLAC, MusicBrainz, ReplayGain, Songbird, and

With the closing down of the MediaMaster service (due to financial issues, apparently), I’ve had to find other ways to enjoy my music on multiple platforms. In the end, I settled on rsync as being the simplest, cheapest alternative.

Syncing my libraries is extremely easy, compared to iTunes, for example. All my ratings, dates, etc., get updated on whatever computer I happen to be rsyncing. This is because my new favorite music player, Songbird, writes any changes I make back to the song file! Most music player software keep a cache of its own metadata seperated from the actual song files, which is good if you don’t want your songs modified, I guess, but I want my ratings and whatever else updated on all my libraries. Songbird allows me to do this without syncing the entire application too. Continue reading

Installing and Running Software Locally

Lately I’ve been installing a lot of software by hand into my system. I don’t have the willpower to figure out how to create a custom ebuild for each piece of software, and some software has a really, really odd installation that would require some kind of custom script or fix to fit it in / somewhere.

So, I started simple. I created a Software directory in my $HOME/Documents/Personal directory, and stashed anything I wanted that wasn’t readily available in there. For example, duplicity is updated often, and some newer versions aren’t available. I download the latest 0.5.12 version into a newly created Documents/Personal/Software/duplicity folder, and extract it. I follow the README, and build it. Continue reading