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Aviary: First Look

First response? Uh, dull. Boring. Not enough tools.

Now? Wow. Amazing. Stunning.

Why? Because the images coming out of the community actually took those tools and did something with them. Mainly I’ve seen images from Phoenix, but still, creating a sunflower, petals and all, using a long string of “filters” connected to eachother? It’s absolutely wild! I couldn’t see doing what they did in any image editing software I’ve tried yet!

I’ve got five invites. If you’re serious about drawing, and especially in experimental ways that you’ve never dreamed of, let me know.


Gettin’ Ubuntu Up

Wow! When I booted Gutsy, I knew this was gonna be cool! First of all, when you hit “Start Ubuntu”, it used to say “Loading Kernel…” and then text came up at the top (all green and scary) saying it was loading init that and kernel that. Only then would the splash appear, if the splash worked. Well, no scary green text, just a nice progress bar, then the splash screen actually worked on my machine! It worked in Edgy, then didn’t in Feisty. It’s nice to see that issue resolved.

So, then I wait for the desktop to appear. Nothing unusual – the background had changed, and… wait… new icons! They had added a user switch tool that lets you switch between users that are open. Also, Beagle’s now enabled by default and a new version is installed.

Then I moved along. I did my usual tests – checked sound, resolution, mouse and keyboard, and internet. Everything checked out, except internet, which I knew I could resolve later. As I was shifting around, I noticed the Compiz-Fusion effects they had enabled by default. Thankfully Gutsy (for the first time) recognized my card and automatically enabled 3D graphics. Otherwise I’d be toast right now, looking at an indirect-rendering of death-defyingly slow Compiz effects.

As I looked at the “Screens” configuration, I noticed the monitor configuration. They actually provide a list of monitors, so you can punch yours in and get all the resolutions and whatnot set up just right. 1280×1024, here I come!

After fiddling around with worthless temporary settings, I loaded up the installation and went through the usual process. I made sure to leave half the hard-drive space for Gentoo. The CD check had found one file that was corrupted, but there’s always one corrupted for some reason. I only hope it’s no different this time around.

And so the Gutsy adventure begins…