Monthly Archives: November 2008

With Power Comes Responsibility

What Gentoo does, is it takes the fire known as “system configuration”, and it makes it into an easily-modified bonfire. What I did, was accidentally tripped over a rock, knocked into the bonfire’s pedistal, and sent the whole thing crashing down in pieces.

Who knew cross-compiling could be so dangerous?

Advertisements Client-Side Advertisement Centerpiece

I really do dislike the ads that appear all around the Pandora screen. They’re big, they take out a lot of CPU space on my processor (which causes the entire site to run slower) and are even at times obnoxious (again helped by their size).

I rely on Adblock Plus to take out most of the ads out there on the internet, but it seems like they’re fighting back., for instance, gets through the filters. This wouldn’t do, of course, so I used my trusty Firebug plugin to dive into the Javascript.

The solution is actually pretty simple. All you have to do is block one Javascript file, the centerpiece of the entire advertisement operation:

With that in place, Firebug reports Javascript errors (because other elements in the page, when clicked, try to reload the advertisements) but beyond that I have a clean, fresh page.

Then again, I’m slowly moving away from anyway…

Narvenyl Progress (Summary: Slow)

The supply of time has been continually decreasing at the same time demand is increasing. I’m talking about the combination of holidays, deadlines at work, and other such nuisances revolving around a rather ingenious concept called real life.

When it comes to time restricting some of my more fun activities, I generally drop into sarcasm. But I’ve gotten it out of my system now (that’s what blogs are for, right?) so I can carry on writing the rest of this post in all due seriousness. Continue reading

Pandora Now Has 256MB of RAM and 512MB of NAND!

It’s official: the Pandora’s RAM and NAND memory have both been doubled to 256MB and 512MB respectively.

There are two possible reactions that people’ve had so far:

  • This is great, and I love the addition, but it doesn’t really thrill me.
  • Wow, this is outstanding! This was a major problem for me, but now it’s fixed!

These two usually result from two different ideas of what the Pandora should be. The first is usually involves gaming, and the second a full desktop experience. Personally? I could go either way. Really, I have no idea which I’ll use it more for, so I rock between the two mild extremes.

However, the Pandora now has the potential to make it big. What did you say? It always had that potential? Ah, but you’d be amazed at how much a little extra RAM can help! At 128MB, you could run just about anything you wanted. At 256MB you can run just about anything you wanted, alongside Pidgin and a few tabs in Firefox. Or, it could run a game written by a lazy programmer who didn’t want to deal with efficiency.

So, yep, RAM’s good, I’m excited (just not to the level of being thrilled like I was when I pre-ordered and got my order cancelled due to security issues), and the world keeps spinning.

Until, that is, the US government collapses and USPS stops shipping. That would provide quite a thrill right there.