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Installing and Running Software Locally

Lately I’ve been installing a lot of software by hand into my system. I don’t have the willpower to figure out how to create a custom ebuild for each piece of software, and some software has a really, really odd installation that would require some kind of custom script or fix to fit it in / somewhere.

So, I started simple. I created a Software directory in my $HOME/Documents/Personal directory, and stashed anything I wanted that wasn’t readily available in there. For example, duplicity is updated often, and some newer versions aren’t available. I download the latest 0.5.12 version into a newly created Documents/Personal/Software/duplicity folder, and extract it. I follow the README, and build it. Continue reading


UnionFS in Gentoo: It Aint Easy

The following text contains description that may be disturbing for newbies. Reader’s discretion is advised.

Folks, I can’t believe it. UnionFS is perhaps one of the most widely used undistributed file-systems I’ve ever seen. To prove my point: I’m sure all of you have heard of it, but when was the last time you installed and used it on your production machine? Continue reading