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Backing up with Duplicity, Effortlessly

Duplicity has a wonderful design feature: it’s really really simple.

Duplicity has an annoying design flaw: it’s really really simple.

In case you didn’t notice, Duplicity‘s simplicity is both helpful and inefficient. It’s extremely easy to start using Duplicity because its usage is so very simple. Want to back something up? Just write “duplicity /some/directory ftp://user@host.com/some/other/directory” for FTP backup, or “duplicity /some/directory file://some/other/directory” for local backup, or any other protocol out of the 11+ protocols it supports. All it does is write files to the location of your choosing, and then it can recover and list files (either latest or at a date of your choosing) from the backup directory you give it.

This simplicity is really great for the simple use-cases, like backing up a home directory. It’s when you get into databases, exclusion and inclusion rules, and other such fine print that you have to plan a little.

I’ve got three different “things” I have to back up: my web development stage, my remote shell (mainly for irssi), and my home directory. Each one presents its own challenges, which I break down below. Continue reading


Installing and Running Software Locally

Lately I’ve been installing a lot of software by hand into my system. I don’t have the willpower to figure out how to create a custom ebuild for each piece of software, and some software has a really, really odd installation that would require some kind of custom script or fix to fit it in / somewhere.

So, I started simple. I created a Software directory in my $HOME/Documents/Personal directory, and stashed anything I wanted that wasn’t readily available in there. For example, duplicity is updated often, and some newer versions aren’t available. I download the latest 0.5.12 version into a newly created Documents/Personal/Software/duplicity folder, and extract it. I follow the README, and build it. Continue reading