Monthly Archives: May 2008

A Lul in Time

If I haven’t been posting often, it’s because it’s been very quiet around here. I’ve been cleaning up existing projects to make way for new ones (discussed in depth before) and that’s really not an interesting subject for most people.

However, this new project is very interesting, so I’ll be writing informal updates on development progress here. We’ll be updating the official website as we go, of course, but the posts on this blog will provide my perspective of development.

That’s all for now…


Vegastrike 0.5.0 Burns in Space

It crashes. Well, first of all, I “only” have 768 MB of RAM, and VegaStrike eats up 1+ GB. (My swap is actually used to almost 100%.) I go to launch my ship, and the game disappears, leaving Mesa wreckage messages behind it.

Something tells me VegaStrike is a hefty program made on more-than-recent hardware. *sigh*

Backup Test: Reinstalling Gentoo

A good administrator always checks his backups by running through a make-believe full-scale recovery. I’m doing that right now.

So far I’ve discovered some flaws in my backup process that thankfully I’ve discovered now. Things like when it recovers symlinked directories, which my backup software faithfully preserves, they don’t always point to an existent spot anymore. The software fails to recover any data inside that symlinked directory because it can’t write to the destination.

I also realized I had forgotten to backup /lib/firmware. If you have a bcm43xx card like I do, this directory holds the precious firmware extractions needed by the b43 driver. Without that, I’d first need ‘net access to get the fwcutter utilities and the firmware “blobs” before my card would go online. Catch-22 just waitin’ to happen.

If you are maintaining backups yourself, but you haven’t actually tested your methods yet, now’s the time. Trust me, it’ll be worth it when you reinstall your OS or when your hard-drive crashes.

Aviary: First Look

First response? Uh, dull. Boring. Not enough tools.

Now? Wow. Amazing. Stunning.

Why? Because the images coming out of the community actually took those tools and did something with them. Mainly I’ve seen images from Phoenix, but still, creating a sunflower, petals and all, using a long string of “filters” connected to eachother? It’s absolutely wild! I couldn’t see doing what they did in any image editing software I’ve tried yet!

I’ve got five invites. If you’re serious about drawing, and especially in experimental ways that you’ve never dreamed of, let me know.