Is There A Master Plan, Bob?

On a whim, I checked his website again today. It’s back, but the text that was originally causing me to worry is now part of a post amoungst the rest of the posts. Someone at suggested this all might be part of the release of the game, and it’s in fact planned. I thought he was completely wrong, because he appeared to be destroying his room, his reputation, and his communications with Nintendo.

Now I’m not so sure.

Not only is his website back, but it also appears more organized as time goes on. Re-reading posts, I almost wonder if this entire website is a sort of preface to the plot of his story. His mentions of “Yuu” on the website, his “identity crisis” (“it’s not me”), and his adventures with aliens, which progress in an organized fashion, all seem like they’d make sense if only you knew what the plot for Bob’s Game was.

For this to be true, though, he’d have had to purposefully disconstruct his room, and his complaints about not feeling right mixed in with complaints about Nintendo not co-operating would have to either be lies or be part of the game.

The counter is still counting, believe it or not. The last post was day stage 48, and he’s moving towards 100. That kind of organized procession makes me feel better. He’s written that stage 50 is “THE BEST” on his website, so if the stage 50 post ends up being a new major plot twist with aliens or Nintendo, or he releases some big piece of information/media/content for his game, then I might think the entire thing is planned.

We’ll see.

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