Narvenyl Progress (Summary: Slow)

The supply of time has been continually decreasing at the same time demand is increasing. I’m talking about the combination of holidays, deadlines at work, and other such nuisances revolving around a rather ingenious concept called real life.

When it comes to time restricting some of my more fun activities, I generally drop into sarcasm. But I’ve gotten it out of my system now (that’s what blogs are for, right?) so I can carry on writing the rest of this post in all due seriousness.

OK, Narvenyl is a project I’ve mentioned a while ago, but I’ve been chipping away at it ever since. So far I’ve made more than a few commits to the project’s repository. A friend of mine is getting through college, so he’s got it worse than me.

My progress has been slow, but it’s been fairly steady. I’ve gotten it (a database abstraction layer, by the way) to run a “SELECT fieldnames FROM tablename WHERE lotsofconditions”. The system is capable of any kind you want to throw at it, whether it be as simple as a greather-than comparison, or a complex condition involving the AND and OR operators, parenthases, and anything else.

Right now, it’ll take the rows returned and convert them into DataUnit objects.

In the immediate future, I look to add on functionality similar to “LEFT JOIN”, except that it will be joining multiple rows into the original DataUnit, converting them into rows in the meantime. The whole thing is recursive, so if you pull up an e-mail which pulls up a contact who has multiple e-mails they’ve sent, they all get pulled up. This does get inefficient, when all you want is a few numbers and instead up comes half the database. Caching, some sort of recursion limits, and/or filters will probably come into play here. We’ll see.

Far future presents the option of even more features – stuff that extends the ability of the core, the same way the “WHERE” conditions do. All it takes, is time.

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