Course Listing Database Project

I was just told by UMass Dartmouth that they wouldn’t be releasing publicly available data in a database format just so I, a mere student, could work on a simple project for what they deemed is likely only a personal project for my own benefit, without actually asking me what the project is about.

They then proceeded to say I was more than welcome to process the HTML-ified version of the course listing, which, they reminded, is a more ambitious project. What the…!? Are they trying to make my life difficult?

Well, you know what? I’m going to process that HTML, and then I’m going to push that database to my home directory on the UMass Dartmouth servers, so everyone can use it without bothering with talking to these people.

There shouldn’t be any problem with this, given that it’s already publicly available information. I think the real problem here is they just don’t have time for silly student ideas.

Edit: HTML processing code finished. I have an SQLite database of all UMass Dartmouth classes. 🙂

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