Using Gorg to Preview Gentoo Documentation

This is very handy if you’re working on Gentoo documentation, which is composed of XML that gets translated into HTML.

Alright, enough with the introductions. I’m just going to write how I got gorg to work.

  1. Install gorg. If you’re using Gentoo Prefix, and bug #281335 is not solved yet, use my Gentoo Prefix overlay to get it installed. (I only tested on OSX, though.)
  2. Copy /etc/gorg/gorg.conf.sample to gorg.conf, and begin editing it.
  3. Change the root variable to point to the directory where your copy of the Gentoo site will reside. I changed mine to:
    root = "/Users/jacob/Sites/gentoo"
  4. I’m not sure if this is required, or what this even does, but I changed the two mount variables to match root:
    mount = /cgi-bin on /Users/jacob/Sites/gentoo/xml/cgi-bin
    mount = /images on /Users/jacob/Sites/gentoo/xml/images
  5. I left everything else to defaults. Save, exit. The other sample files should/can be left as samples. It doesn’t affect gorg in any way negative, at least as far as I can tell.
  6. Now you’ll need to make a monster of a checkout:
    cvs -d co gentoo/xml/htdocs
  7. When that’s done, either move the htdocs folder to the place indicated by root, or make a symlink. I opted for a symlink. This allows my gorg environment and my programming environment to remain at least organizationally (that’s a word!) separate.
  8. Run the following, replacing the “/User/jacob/Sites/gentoo” part with wherever you told root to point:
    xmlcatalog --create /Users/jacob/Sites/gentoo/index.xml >> /etc/xml/catalog
  9. You should be viewing Gentoo’s home page, albeit with images and other things missing. Congrats!

Now, to finish off the work on Gentoo Embedded’s documentation…

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