Turning to the Grey Side

It’s been a year since my opinion has changed from PC’s to Mac’s, hardware-wise. Now it’s time for my opinions to take physical form. Apple’s keynote presentation at WWDC today has convinced me that now is the best time to buy a MacBook Pro. What are my reasons?

A year ago, I was looking around for a suitable computer upgrade, so I could move off my ancient Dell Dimension 4500S. I had experienced what it was like to be on the low end of the computer world, and I didn’t like it. (Well, I do like its slowness for two good reasons: you feel like you’ve really accomplished something when you took 48 hours to build your computer’s software, and it’s easier to get mesmorized by scrolling text output from Makefiles because everything moves just slowly enough to be read.) I wanted something that would pack a solid punch for at least three years, if not four. When I say “solid punch,” I’m talking about running any piece of software a mid-range equivilant four years later could. I also wanted something that would provide the battery life I need. I’m an on-the-go sort of person, which is why I bought a Pandora, and my next computer should fit that. Unfortunately, no laptop I looked at would meet both requirements at any price rnage. Most high-powered laptops come with a maximum of 3 hours of battery life, and weigh over 6 pounds.

This was all right before Apple came out with the unibody MacBook Pro upgrade.Their Pro’s had considerably weaker graphics than their competitors. Coincidentally, right when I finished researching laptops in disgust, Apple made their big announcement. The 9600M GT graphics upgrade was just the boost I was looking for. When I dug deeper, lo and behold, the battery life was advertised at the same length as the average MacBooks which get five hours tops with web browsing use.

That was a year ago, and that was when I became a serious Apple fan. After that, Apple really hooked me with their energetic presentations and surprising leaps in technology. I now knew what kind of laptop I wanted. I started putting money aside in prepration for the big purchase.

What a coincidence it is (yet again!) that WWDC falls within the same month, and Apple makes another surprising upgrade to their product line. Not five hours, but seven! Think about that! When was the last time you heard a laptop anywhere near gaming capabilities advertise seven hours of battery life!? And this upgrade occured on the one model that I was eyeing for a year: the 15″ MacBook Pro.

All told, there’s a good chance I’ll be writing my next blog post from a brand new MacBook Pro.

Does this mean I’m abandoning Linux? Certainly not! In my short use of OSX, I’ve found myself wishing I could get Linux software to supplement the Mac OSX library. No matter how much consumer-ready operating systems try to make the system powerful, I always feel like they’re hiding something I could tweak to my benefit. So there’s no doubt one of the first things I’ll do is load Gentoo up with Boot Camp. That’s going to be quite the adventure.

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