My Desktop Is Dying

I wish I had more nice here’s-how-to sort of blog posts. I also wish my desktop had managed to stick around until it could be considered reasonable to buy a MacBook Pro. Unfortunately, nothing is going exactly how I want it to, for the most part.

My desktop began showing odd symptoms last summer. The hard-drive would make clicking noises for a moment, the sort it makes when it turns on and off, but everything would work fine. I did get a little worried when fsck reported errors, but it fixed them and I didn’t have any problems since…

…until now, of course. The drive made that noise again, and a few hours later Linux did an emergency read-only remount. fsck found lots of errors, and asked me lots of questions. It appeared fixed, but I didn’t take any chances. I immediately migrated all my stuff onto a backup machine. Sure enough, a week later, fsck starts complaining of  errors it could not fix on the partition. (Strangely enough this only occurs in Gentoo. Ubuntu 9.10 Alpha 1 boots just fine. Still, I think it too much of a coincidence to trust it.)

As I use the backup PC with Ubuntu, I find myself missing Gentoo. I use apt-get as little as possible and compile all my own software. Ubuntu, yes, is definitely easier to use and definitely more fine-tuned than Gentoo. But there’s something lacking. I feel a certain loss of control over my computer. It almost feels more like Windows to me: more easy front-ends and less powerful backend goodness. (PulseAudio, however, I have to say, is a stroke of pure genious. It’s really all thanks to Fedora and Ubuntu that PulseAudio has become compatible with most Linux software.)

I just need to manage over the summer, and then I’ll buy a MacBook with Snow Leopard. And then install Gentoo. 🙂

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