Signed up for Facebook

Well, no, not really. Actually, I’m trying to avoid that at all costs. My opinion of Facebook is low: it’s a time wasting website, where naught but browser games and teenager-style chit-chat goes on. Not my cup of tea.

However, some of my family have signed up for it, and are on it all the time. I know they’d never sign up for an IM account, but their Facebook profile automatically includes a built-in IM program. If I could hook into that, I’d easily be able to keep up with family without extra Facebook baggage.

The catch, as always with business, is closed protocols. The solution, a Jabber conduit, is actually under official development, but it’s slow going, and will probably not make it until later this year, if that.

The account I’ve really signed up for is the Facebook Bugzilla account, which is an entirely separate system. I’m currently using it to track this bug report, which details the status of the conduit I’ve mentioned.

As a side note, I know a lot of people who read this blog will be on Facebook (since it seems the majority of the world’s Internet population seem to be enamored with it), so I want you to try and convince me why I should forgo the wait for a Facebook-Jabber conduit and just sign up. This isn’t a taunt; it’s an honest question. How does Facebook enhance your life? Why do you use it?

Update (2009/03/30): Well, I got sucked in, as that’s the only way to be able to chat with family on Facebook. It is nice to stay up-to-date with everyone, but baesides that I hardly use it.

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