Client-Side Advertisement Centerpiece

I really do dislike the ads that appear all around the Pandora screen. They’re big, they take out a lot of CPU space on my processor (which causes the entire site to run slower) and are even at times obnoxious (again helped by their size).

I rely on Adblock Plus to take out most of the ads out there on the internet, but it seems like they’re fighting back., for instance, gets through the filters. This wouldn’t do, of course, so I used my trusty Firebug plugin to dive into the Javascript.

The solution is actually pretty simple. All you have to do is block one Javascript file, the centerpiece of the entire advertisement operation:

With that in place, Firebug reports Javascript errors (because other elements in the page, when clicked, try to reload the advertisements) but beyond that I have a clean, fresh page.

Then again, I’m slowly moving away from anyway…

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