Google Calendar + Evolution = One-Way Destination to Fast Calendars

I’m putting more stuff on my calendar now to try and keep my life much more organized. The Pandora will be perfect as a mobile PIM device, amongue other things, allowing me to view and edit my calendar on the go. When I’m sitting in front of my computer, though, it’s hard to work up the momentum to open Firefox and browse over to Google Calendar.So, I mainly use GNOME now after trying to use KDE for over 2-3 months, and the way I installed it, it automatically comes with Evolution. It’s a real waste of hard-drive space for me, but I don’t mind too much. Recently, however, I put Evolution to some good use. I’ve plugged in the private feed into Evolution, and now Evolution can present an up-to-date representation of all my appointments at the click of a mouse. Here’s a picture of what I mainly use, the Evolution applet, with a rather ugly theme (mine looks better, trust me):

Evolution Calendar Applet

So there you have it. My life will now officially be organized. I hope.

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