Duplicity Backs Up Beautifully (And Anywhere)

After struggling with what good backup system would work for me, I’ve finally settled on duplicity. It doesn’t have a user interface, and it doesn’t even use cron (though you can manually punch it in). It does, however, do exactly what I want: It can tell me what my system looked like at a particular date, because it tracks deleted files as well. Not only that, but it compresses and encrypts everything into what appears to be a custom tar format.

And, unlike most other backup systems, it can back up onto FTP, or just about any other storage medium for that matter, because it doesn’t use fancy links or any other junk. It uses plain ‘n simple manifest files.

Duplicity is something you can have working within minutes if you can use a terminal. Granted, you have to manually back everything up, but that’s good for me, since I don’t really have a standard schedule of when I’m on and off the computer.

Give it a try some time.

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