Gettin’ Gentoo’s Gutsy

I’ve decided to try to step up another level in the Linux world. It’s time I tried Gentoo.

Gentoo’s where all the cool documentation and HOWTO’s come from. Half the time they get things to work that others struggle with, and then share that knowledge. It’s almost like Gentoo is an excellent high-quality college that’s difficult to get into, whereas Ubuntu’s your average-quality, fairly-easy-to-get-into college, in my opinion. It’s very exciting to see how things have progressed since I tried MEPIS years ago, when I didn’t have to do anything to make any of my hardware work.

So, I’ve finally backed up my stuff onto another computer after spending 3 or so hours watching cp -vR print endless lines of output. I’m installing now, and I’m already impressed… (but more on that in a moment…)

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