GP2X: Take Two

Picture the GP2X. It’s got a nice touch screen, a good set of buttons, and SD card slot for memory. It can play “hi-res” videos and music of many types, and read eBooks. If that wasn’t enough, there’s a library of home-brew games to run on it, including emulators.

Now picture GP2X “Take Two”: priced at around $400, it’ll have 128 MB of RAM, 3D graphics chip, enough power for high-definition videos, and maybe an actual Linux distribution*, probably Debian. Unlike the GP2X, it’ll be able to host USB devices, allowing you to plug in webcams, card readers, flash drives, bluetooth USB adapters, and more. Unlike the GP2X, it’ll have support for SDHC, and will have Wifi built-in. While the GP2X was more designed for the gamer, this new handheld will be more rounded, with support for e-mail, instant messaging, Firefox, and anything else you can get with apt-get*.

If you enjoy homebrew just as much as commercial games, it’s easily a PSP killer. That, of course, doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the commercial stuff. Emulators will bring games from pre-N64 days (maybe N64, no one is sure yet) back to life.

I dare you to find anything that matches this or this. 😉

*This is a detail yet to be firmed up. We’re pretty sure this is what’ll happen, but until it’s officially confirmed we can’t let you get too excited.

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